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Ahh... it all comes back to me. The ghost stories, toasting marshmallows over the menorah just like Judah and the Maccabees did when they rededicated the temple.

Good times...


I wrote my own lyrics for this song. Here's the link: https://kimcstl.blogspot.com/2006/10/halloween-caroling.html


Excellent lyric! I think those are better than the original.

Vaguely Urban

Isn't it maddening? And you are so right, the marshmallows are a total crock.

I've adapted the song to suit my mood when I'm feeling grinchy (you know - into every holiday season, a little rain must fall):
It's the crap-crappiest season of allllll!

The song fucks with us? We fuck with the song.


Then chill out about the bobtail bay, VU.

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