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September 03, 2006



Heh - I remember TV back when it used to do the national anthem > color bar signal > snow process every night. Never compulsed me to do anything about it.

I used to hoard old clothes, though. I still had 12 year old t-shirts that I'd still sport to the gym or wear to bed, along with a bunch of other ugly clothes my mom and aunts bought as gifts and I never had the will to chuck 'em out, in case my they'd ask, "What happened to the sweater I bought you that I found at TJ Maxx? I haven't seen you wear it yet. It is so nice, no? Bright red looks good on you." I guess I thought you could always use a t-shirt for one purpose or another. Why not have 500 or varying degrees of quality?

When I moved out of my apartment in SF, it took 3 girls to go through all my clothes and say, "Uh, what the f*ck are you doing still wearing these? No, we don't care if you're emotionally attached to your 35 college tshirts. They're falling apart. They're marked with permanent sweat stains. They're faded from the 10,000 times they've been in the washing machine. Make peace and say goodbye." 7 garbage bags to the Salvation Army later, I think I've recovered. Hopefully.


Yeah, I still have three t-shirts that will never fit me gain, but have sentimental appeal. It seems there should be some way you can frame them, or make them into a pillow.

And Gary claims there was an old Outer Limits episode in which aliens came through the tv snow. I don't buy it. I think he's just voicing his own buried fears.

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