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September 20, 2006


Catherine (redheaded one)

Did you ask him why there was a recipe for funeral potatoes if they don't believe in funerals?


Now, I know I missed the first part of Mormon inquisition, but I am very confused.

1) Mormons don't have funerals, but they do have potatoes?

2) Abandoned baby souls??

3) Lumpy pants???


1) They do have funerals, just not ones they demand out-of-state people come to.
2)Check with your cube-mate but my understanding is that the souls of unborn children wait in heaven for a parent.
3)Did you not see the sacred underwear? They go down mid-thigh.


1) Gary DOES have a mystery Aunt Audrey, who is married to Dr. John, PhD, who is the recently departed uncle.
2) This recently discovered and departed John was not only a Mormon, but also a Top Mason. Big on the secret socities, John was.
3) Aunt Audrey, surprise bonus aunt and wife of the late Mormon/Mason, did not convert and was just a very good-natured woman.
3) Gene and Aunt Bernice are both fine. They are both ministers. Neither are Mormons, Masons, or otherwise.

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