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September 23, 2006



um.. .just curious. . .do you actually like your husband? i sort of feel sorry for him in some of these posts. how long have you been married?


Why, yes I do like him. We have been married for twenty-one years.

For positive posts about my husband, I refer you to:

I also like my in-laws, my dogs, my mom, each of whom has earned mockery at my hands.

And really, when a man puts "Have something to eat, you'll feel better" on the condolence card of a woman whose husband just died, you make fun of him or you fight with him. I elect to roll my eyes and not try to change him.


thanks for answering. that was an honest question. i was sort of feeling sorry for you too if you were serious about some of the things you wrote. since i very obviously do not know you, i was just curious. sarcasm (and its intent) is hard to read esp via blog :)


You know, the same thing just happened to me at Sarcomical's site. I left a comment assuming she was serious and she wasn't. You would think that I should have assumed sarcasm, given that the blog is titled "Sarcomical," but that nuance escaped me.

(Besides, I love you for giving me an excuse to post the picture of me in my green shirt looking lovingly at Gary, because that photo is flattering. Yes. That photo. Is a good photo of me. Scary.)


Well, I ate something earlier and I felt better. But then, my husband isn't dead. Huh.

I'm still cracking up at our Mormon co-worker's reaction when you told her that story.


They may be closet Mormons, but with that note from Gary, are you sure he's not a closeted one of my tribe?

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