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November 01, 2006



You are obviously having entirely too much fun at work. I am jealous. Should I send Yentl to you so you can understand the joy you presently have?


I don't get it.


Becs - No! No Yentl!
Melati - Yeah, I was wearing my Technical Writer hat when this scheme was cooked up. If I remember, it was back when we were having wars with another technical writer who sniped about "the arbitrary comma rules" we were using, and then I think one person screamed "The Chicago Manual of STYLE is ARBITRARY?" and we all bonded in our love of specific punctuation marks. Or, in my case, punctuation and body parts. Brenda and Marcia went instead with their least favorite proofreading issues.


Huh. I still don't get it.


The Harvard comma is never incorrect and often clarifies.


It is clear, valid and useful.

Vaguely Urban

I would have like to have represented the semicolon in honor of my -ahem- irregularity.

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