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January 22, 2007



Disappointed Gary makes me laugh and laugh. I love that he looks like a cut-out just propped up around different parts of the suite. HA.

What's wrong with the left arm of the little girl in that warning sign? Is it broken and, like, in a sling? And I love that the little boy is shaped like Spongebob.

Finally, you are TOTALLY showing some pixellated cleavage, which, by the way, is going to be the name of my next new band.

Pixellated Cleavage in '07!


These pictures are awesome.
How come some look like they're from the past? All fuzzy and old-timey. Meanwhile, Gary pointing and looking down, all so so fantastic.


Catherine - And don't forget their cover band, Pixellated Camisoles.

Melati - "Gary pointing an looking down" - do you mean in the naked photo? I think I can even see his eyes squinched up really hard so he doesn't see anything.

His parents are still on him about being naked. "God CAN STILL SEE YOU in the middle of the ocean!"


This was so funny. You sure crammed a lot of fun into this post. The cut-out Gary poster, the All Fox Television Feed, the assembly poster, the naked mob. In the dining room photo, is that Weird Al Yankovic on the telly?


No, that was some movie that involved an evil clown with a rainbow wig. Shudder.


Looks like you had hella fun!


Your husband is so cute for a conservative. He really needs to come to the dark side...


I am embarrassed to say that I don't remember meeting you and yet you clearly know who I am. Unless that isn't your copy of the picture? But how would that make sense?


Hah! It is my copy, Rena, and I met you TWICE. Once at the launch party, you in your baRENAked ladies t-shirt, and at the elevator. There were several of us and we dicussed our pubic hairstyles, and how uplifted arms will give you perky boobs.

I'm sure you are confused by the photos: most photos posted here are from long ago or go through a careful quality control process to make me appear unnaturally thin.


See how well perky boob works? Andrea, the girl next to me in the photo, is 19 and her boobs don't look a whole lot higher than mine. At 19 I passed the pencil test. Now I fail the dictionary test.

As for not recognizing you, it's probably the photo thing. Gary looks familiar, but the only recent photo of you on here (not counting naked photo, because really, who looks at faces?) is the embarkation photo, which I doubt is a good representation of you. I don't remember seeing anyone on the cruise not smiling. Post a picture of you smiling and I'll probably recognize you immediately.

By the way, I followed the link from the S&D board and I'm bookmarking you then going back to read from the beginning. I am really enjoying your blog.


Hmmm ... I delude myslef that the About photo is a good photo of me, but given that my Mom has said "That is such a good photo of you" makes me think it's unrecognizably good.

How about ...
...well, expect I cheated and cropped off my double chin. Maybe...

(Plus, I just asked Gary and he remembers you. Bear in mind, you are a STAR in OUR minds. Front row center! No wonder you don't remember little old us.)

(And at the elevator I complimented you on your message board comment regarding the "uncover charge" for the naked photo. Then now that I think of it it was Yay4BNL I had the pubic conversation with. Don't remember? Still? Sigh. That's okay... )


Oh, yes. NOW I remember you! (I have a situational memory. I don't remember faces or locations, but reminders about conversations or events will almost always trigger my memory) I was very flattered by the "uncover charge" compliment and I remember thinking how smart and astute you were. No one else got that joke. You started the pubic hair conversation with Yay4BNL, but I jumped in because I'm an attention slut.

I was genuinely surprised that people recognized me so easily. I always forget that other people recognize faces better than I do. It was startling when strangers would come up to me and say "You're so brave!", but the one that really made me blush was when Steve autographed my copy of the photo with "Nice to see you, Rena. Really".


I snort in amusement! That is priceless.


I have been reading archives since CasaChristy recently linked you and when I saw mentions of a cruise I became filled with trepidation. And yes, it's true. You're some of the damned lucky ones who went on The Cruise. I seethe with jealousy. I would say I hope it was wonderful, but there's no way it could have been anything other.


rev matt: I'm another fan of the Queen, and thought I'd let you know that it's not too late to get in on the next BNL cruise.


rev_matt - What Melissa says is true! I understand many rooms are still available.


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