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January 27, 2007


Catherine (redheaded one)

#4. Very funny...felt sorta sorry for you as I witnessed it happening and did nothing. You seemed to be handling it despite the very wide eyes,smirky smile, and general expression of disbelief/amusment.

#7. I did not agree with the general crowd. I believe there should be some censorship, even if can only be in the form of common decency.

I had a ton of fun...always wonderful to hang with the gang for a night. Thank you Marcia!


I'm with you on #7. I still don't understand the artistry of piss.


Catherine - I was a little afraid she would grab my boobs.

Caroline - Oh, I understand the artistry of piss, I just think you shouldn't piss on the flag IF the 'gubment is funding it. It was a crucifix in piss though, right? That's okay. Now, if the church was funding Piss Crucifixes (Pisscifixes?) then pissing on a crucifix would be stupid.

Catherine (redheaded one)

Queen, had she grabbed you, you might have bared them for show and tell..come on, admit it! I won't be jealous, promise!


She did bare an armpit. I was impressed by the waxy smoothness of it. I thought of it as I shaved mine this morning.

Friend #3

I believe it was Robert Mapplethorpe who did the crucifix and it was splashed with piss. Note this is almost a western interpretation of the Danish Allah cartoon sans the National Endowment for the Arts.

I do agree that you should not pee on the hand that subsidizes your personal form of expression.


"almost a western interpretation of the Danish Allah cartoon"

- I take it you mean the Danish Muhammad cartoon. (You can draw cartoons of Allah.) I'm with you on the "almost" - now if there was a part of the Bible that said "And it is strictly prohibited to piss on the crucifix! No Pissifixing! Ever!" then it would be just like the Muhammad cartoon.

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