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February 17, 2007


Erin G.

Actually? I kinda get that and I appreciate you attempt. I was in a theater company once where it was perfectly acceptable to "vent" backstage in the middle of a show -- just so long as you did it in Cartman voice.

"You stepped on the hem of my dress AGAIN. Wah are you so spatially inept and self-absorbed, you fucking bitch?"

So, you know, I "get" the magic of employing a South Park voice to get the job done.

(Also? Thanks for the sound clip. I love Butters!!)

Queen Mother

Re-name Lisa Simonella and give her celebrity status. But ridicule is not wit. Sniff.


Erin - For year's we've been greeting Libby at work with the "Timmmaaaahhh!" voice. "Libbbaaaahhhh!"

Mom - yeah, sure, but you laughed today when I said, "Yeah, but yer stoopid..."

Catherine (redheaded one)

Holy cow! That has to be the hardest I've laughed in months. My tummy muscles were sore a bit on Sat morning from it. Funniest thing I've heard, ever.

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