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March 28, 2007


Friend #3

Get a bridge, have a root canal in a tooth under the bridge.

Good times.


When I was still married to Xman, he threw out his back. Really badly. I couldn't stop laughing. I couldn't look at him without laughing. When he couldn't bend over to put his clothes on, I laughed while getting him to step into his tightie whities.

The fact that he had been physically abusive to me several times might have something to do with that. Either that or I'm just a heartless bitch. Heh heh.


Men can't take pain. This post, was as usual, HILARIOUS:) Thanks for making me laugh.


The one I live with? He has an actual chronic disease, for which he will have to take meds for the rest of his life, or he'll die. While I'm very sympathetic to that, and worry a lot about what would happen if we had a scary Katrina-like disaster here in the midwest, he also whines frequently about some problem or another (headache, fatigue, etc) and when I tell him to suck it up like I do, he pulls the disease card (because he has a disease and I don't, he always is the sick one).

My sympathy only goes so far, and have been known to throw things at him just to see how sick he really is (if he ducks or makes a miraculous 9th inning catch, he's fine).


He's a man, isn't he? They can NOT tolerate pain. Any illness they have is way worse than anything you've ever had or WILL ever have. My husband recently pulled a muscle in his shoulder and actually compared it to the reconstructive foot surgery followed by 4 months of rehabilitation that I went through. Before that, he compared his vascectomy to me having carried and delivered our two children. In both cases, his pain and agony was MUCH worse than mine.

Friend #3

I heard it said somewhere, if men were the ones to give birth, the human race would have died out millennia ago.


I am so glad to know there are others who suffer as I do.


Dude. Tell Gary that I had my first root canal four years ago during the Dental Drama of 2003, which involved, among other things: a tooth extraction; general anaesthesia; major surgery, the star of which was a titanium implant IN MY JAW; waiting for a YEAR for the bone to grow around the implant so that the dentist could install the porcelain veneer (and by "install," I mean "jam it into my upper jaw using full force while I braced myself against the chair"); and, yes, that root canal. I didn't cry ONCE.

(Okay, I cried once, but not out of pain. I cried when I first looked at myself after the dentist had pulled out the dead front tooth, because I looked like a complete and utter Cletus. A female Asian Cletus. Now tell me *that* isn't reason enough to cry.)

[And yes, Female Asian Cletus is totally going to be the next name of my band.]

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