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March 26, 2007


Vaguely Urban

And this after tithing 10%? A strong argument in favor of NO KIDS, fer sure!

Congrats on your windfall. Make sure you do something fun with part of it. As Uncle What's His Name and Newly Deceased Aunt would tell you if they weren't dead, you can't take it with you.


You are not an ass. But Gary is if he invests his windfall in gold. Honestly. (Rolls eyes.) Your mom is right.


Still hilarious.


How many out-of-town BNL concerts does this mean?


Vaguely - I don't think they tithed. As it turns out, he was divorced (which I understand is scandal among Mormons, given they are married for eternity, and it would mean ruling the planet together might be awkward). So he was probably a "Jack" Mormon.

Becs - Mom is usually right, and often right even before the issues come up.

Autumn - still sweet!

Caroline - How far away is Ohio? They'll be in Cleveland this summer.

Vaguely Urban

Are they Lessons for the next Book of Mormon study group or what? I mean, they don't tithe, they get divorced, and what happens to them? THEY DIE! QED.


Cleveland is less than an hour's flight away. When I traveled there frequently (1999-2001), you could get there on TWA, Southwest, and Continental. Avoid the Harley Hotel at all costs.

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