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March 14, 2007



Maybe try playing his game, and acting dumb when he makes icky comments? Like "Taskmistress? I'm not familiar with that term. Is that something they would say at your old job?" Kind of nudge him to make him realize he's being ookie.


a) I wonder if the fictitious "Giggles" call sign isn't worse than the actual perverted version of it.

b) The light-hearted admonition over IM to "Scrub up, Musty" was on Day 5.

c) The inappropriate "Nipple" comment and subsequent surreal and adolescent giggle from the 50-something dirty old man was on Day 6 while alone in the office with said dirty old man (DOM).


OK, so a lot of this stuff could (lamely, but could) be passed off as New Guy's awkward attempts to hang with the office banter... But the IM extolling the virtues of HYC's thighs and ass? That was 100% offsides. Even if she and the rest of you were finding him more pathetic than threatening, clearly everyone at this point agreed that New Guy was a major tool, so it's good you kept the boss updated. By end of day 6, I'd think it'd have been clear to Boss that she needed to counsel NG on cranking down the pervometer.

Can't wait to hear how this all plays out...

Hot Mom

I did go to the boss with his response to my email to the team about a DLL.

Task Mistress.
Copied the file.
Thank you, Task Mistress."

Not just creepy. Enough to ruin dominant-submissive sex for my husband for a long, long time.


"Should you alert the Boss to protect shyer, more delicate flowers?" Yes, because it's the shyer, more delicate flowers who will suffer in silence, wondering if it is somehow they who are doing something wrong or suggestive, to cause this unwanted attention.

(From a former shy, delicate flower.)


I'm a little surprised Boss is telling you guys effectively to deal with it yourselves. That's really not cool from a lawsuit perspective. Your Boss needs to be jumping all over this guy.

For the sake of the delicate flowers, get someone to restrain this jackass. As my Sex Harrassment trainer said, for every couple of delicate flowers who never say a peep, there's a passive aggressive flower who's keeping a detailed log book in her desk drawer, photocopies of which she is sending to her lawyer every week to document both the jackass and the company's inaction.


I agree with TasterSpoon. Your boss should be begin documentation NOW. She's kind of opening up the potential of a lawsuit. If it gets back to HR that your boss was approached and she did nothing, flying shit will ensue.


Angie (hi Angie!) - That's a good idea, but my fear is that he would just become all gigly and excited by hearing me say "Taskmistress."
2) Co-W.M.A. - why thanks. Keep that documentation accurate.
3)Tracy27 - yeah! "Offsides." I like that term.
4) Hot Mom - oh, sure, you know you like it too.
5)~~Silk - should we talk to the delicate flowers about the topic first? Or should we go to HR. Would it upset a flower to be called into HR to verify the claim?
6) Hot Mom - I am sorry if #4 offended you.
7) TasterSpoon - Ooo! That never occurred to me. I felt like Bosses advice to deal with him one-on-one was a reasonable first step.
8) Melati - oh, you are such an executive now! See, the approach you and Taster recommend means that if you go to a Boss, that ensures you wont get a sounding board or advice, but the hammer will come down on the perv. Perhaps that's not what you want.

Sexual harassment! One of the trickier parts of sex.


Wow! This is stirring up some shtuff.

The IM was clearly out of bounds. HYC dealt with it as she saw fit. Should we all live in an atmoshpere of CYA?

The Boss gave the appropriate first response.

I can almost bet you that Boss is keeping documentation of the visits.

But the impetus for acting on the issue must first come from those being impacted by this guy by making the declaration to him that "I am offended. Please do not continue this behavior."

Once that has been accomplished and Creep does it again you go back to Boss and Boss now has more ammunition on Bosses side to start the ball rolling against CNG.

At no time should anyone encourage or play into this guy's behavior.

And frankly were I ot Mom and the guy inquired about my leaving time and route home I'd a maced him. That line of questioning sets all the bells ringing that this guy is not good.

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