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April 04, 2007



You HAVE to stop by tomorrow so we can all OOOH and AHHH.

BTW, was Steve HOT like Marcia said?


Or, I can take a photo, because I'm sure it will last longer.

catherine the red

Cool. Very excited to see the 'do.


You have gorgeous hair! Next time you see Steve, ask him what is the best way to grow out hair. My hair looks like shite, but I want it to grow out. I'm too old to wear barettes or headbands. There must be a way to make it through the horrible growing out process. He sounds like just the man who would know how!


Awesome hair! Next time keep your eyes open and try to figure out how he's doing it.


Whoa, it does look nice - that "I'll just go frolic in the breeze and get slightly mussy" look. I hate you.

No, seriously, I hate having my hair messed with. Herschel is trained. No more than five minutes with the blow dryer. No product. Ever. I'm glad I can't afford highlights anymore - it took hours. Jesus Christ, it's just hair.

Karaoke Diva


Karaoke Diva

Never mind. I'm an idiot who didn't read the comments.

Catherine (redheaded one)

Whoa. that is cool hair. go back to him. i should go to him.


Thank God I took a photo; it doesn't look like that at all now.


I always worry that too much blowing and styling is a sign they're disguising an inferior haircut and that after I wash all the product out the left side will be two inches longer than the right side, which will have layers. Your hair looks really great, though!

I actually love the head massage when I go someplace fancy. Sometimes they even sneak their fingers all the way down to your neck, which is a bonus, except that you then have conditioner in your shirt.

I try to limit the convo by studying a magazine intently, but it only takes about ten minutes to digest a(n) US Weekly, so if the haircut lasts longer than that I'm screwed.


Okay, you lost me at "No".


Hell, I'm getting the wine next time. Eighty bucks for a haircut? Better include a good glass of wine. And I don't even like wine.

Friend #3

I should have known the head massage might be a flop with you, Ms Don't-Touch-Me. That massage is the best part of the shampoo -- it's worth the big bucks just for that alone.

Next time I'll ask him to give me the massage you rejected. Philistine.


I laughed until I cried, thanks.


Friend #3 - I can tell you store all your tension in your ears.
Humincat - You win the award for most cryptic screen name - hummin' cat? Humi and Cat? And hey, thanks for crying.

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