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April 09, 2007



Perhaps an engineer
But aren't they the same?

Friend #3





Hee! I can't wait to get married and have those kinds of arguments. :)

Your musical taste rocks. Between that and Guster, I'm assured that you are solid people. :)


I hope my marriage is filled with moments like these. Unlike Gary, though, Tom doesn't talk in exclamation points (did you ever notice how many of Gary's sentences end with exclamation points?)


omglofl. Also Bec's comment. So true.


Hiya! Between the BNL, MS, and socks, I love your blog. :)


I had to look up 'squee,' because I've seen it a lot lately. I guess that makes me not a kid anymore. When did that happen?


Becs - yeah, still want to borrow him for a weekend?
Friend #3 - see Jenny's comment to see how it's DONE.
Autumn - You are not feeling my pain here. See Bec's comment. Becs feels my pain.
Angie - Did I see you on the cruise? If not, seriously, start saving up.
Christy - Yes! Yes! I have!
Jenny - Good, good, feeling my pain. Thank you.
Jammies - Hi! We are doppelgangers. I've bookmarked your blog for further reading.
TasterSpoon - I think I am of the age that I can get away with "Squee" only if I say it dryly and flatly. As in "Oh. Squee."


Queen - I know he annoys the hell out of you sometimes. But enjoy it as best you can. Really. And as long as Anonymous Boyfriend is willing to get a clue, you can keep Gary on reserve, lol.


Ummm if it makes you feel any better several people (myself included) would SWEAR that my boss' wife has Aspergers. She seems to hate us all. Sadly, your pain is funny to me. I'm so mean. Sorry.

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