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May 01, 2007



Sooo... training IS going well...?

(Ironically enough, when Hubs speaks to any of the critters it is in a falsetto. Why? I have no clue, but it is called his "pet voice". The critters? They speak normally...)


My pet voice is normal, but really quiet.

And we had a dog named Mac when I was growing up! I guess because we found him on a golf course.


Doggie wanna goo for ride, does the pretty wittle puppy-wuppy wanna go?

You act as if there were someting wrong with Gary. Obviously he is the only one in the household who is actually fluent in dog. Humfp!


Our cats kind of sound like Cartman. I don't know why, I blame the roommate for starting that one.


Sue - on the plus side, Gary IS now making the dog breakfast. Unfortunately, he doesn't let the dog out after, and the dog figures if I'm not hanging half-dressed out the back door yelling "Poop! Poop already!" that we just don;t care.
TasterSpoon - Gary's pet voice is used so I know what he's thinking, through the pet, so it can't be quiet. "What's that, Mac?" "Why does Mom have to vaccuum when we're watching tv?" "I don't know, Mac."
Zayrina - I admit, I am not fluent in dog. I did have quite the Helen Keller moment once when the dog scratched on the toilet and I realized he was thirsty.
Carrie - What, like "Goddamnit Carrie, gimme my food! Mooomm! Mooooooooooooommmm!"


The Husband and I will occasionally voice what we imagine our pets are thinking. We use perfectly normal tones of voice, although, because we have cats, the tones are always somewhat arch, and very snarky. Sometimes it sounds like the Algonquin Round Table.

My cats are VERY literate. They ALWAYS sit on the book I'm reading.

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