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May 20, 2007



I mean, really...what's in a name?... Spunky.


Hehehehe, Spunky Labia :)

(I never know when a name indicates ethnicity - you pretty much have to hit me over the head)

Friend #3

I have to say I'm utterly delighted it wasn't readily apparent to you what Leonard's last name signified.


Sue - Whoa! Spunky Cohen! Now that would be a name!
Jhianna - I think in my case it's just self-absorption. You're Jewish? Black? Muslim? What does that have to do with me? Me me me.
Friend #3 - Oh, sure, you wish you were named Cohen, Ms Heuter.

Friend #3

Hey, coulda been! According to my aunt, one of 'em was Jewish. And why not a Cohen?

Hell, I could be related to the guy who plays Borat!


Whoa! That means you have to break the glassware when I come by, since he's Orthodox. (So sayeth Wikipedia, so shall it be.)

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