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July 21, 2007


Friend #3

Ellen said: In Illinois, okay, but not East Saint Louis Illinois (or East Mordor, as we say), instead it was in Edwardsville Illinois. A little college town. No murders there that I know of.

Except the hairdresser and his two elderly clients.

Congrats on the finding the Holy Grail of nostril-free rhino-porcine Bar-B-Q. Personally, I'd prefer chicken armpit (the unclean-animal thing not even remotely a factor in that preference).


I don't know wich aspect of this disgusts me more, the snoots or the barbeque. Ick.


Noooo, say it ain't so. You're making this up right?!


Seriously. It was bad enough when you were jonesing for snoots in the first place. But now that you've clarified that you actually want the nostrils, well, we may not be sharing any meals on the cruise in January.


Ahhhhhhhhhh, I love me some barbeque, but I don't think I could do snoots.

I love me some ribs from Rendezvous in Memphis, right across the street and down the alley from Autozone Park where the triple-A Redbirds play. Mmmmmmmmm.


Friend #3 - as opposed to East St. Louis, where all the hairdressers are lying in one big bloody pile outside the City Hall.
Zayrina - How can you not like BBQ? There are so many kinds.
Connie - No, I'm not making this up. That bread pudding really was the size of my upper arm.
Melissa - Oh, Carnival wouldn't put nostrils on the buffet. They might serve them chopped up in the hot dogs, though.
ajooja - Rendevous must be on Beale? I loved the fries at Blues City BBQ on Beale. I know the Pork steak at Red's on Bermuda in Saint Louis is great (but they often run out of snoots).

Hot Mom

Naturally, it hasn't occured to The Queen that, perhaps, hindsight is hindsight because it happened long, long ago and we've forgotten all of the exquisitely nasty details.

All that's left is the exotic loveliness of nostalgia.


I'm sorry to have steered you wrong. Who knew there was such intricacies to snoot preparation?


After laughing, I started thinking about how disgusting snoots are. But kudos to you for eating them, as I always appreciate odd food but sometimes don't have the stomach for it. *shudder*


No, Rendezvous is in the alley between the Peabody and the ballpark. It's probably the most world-reknowned barbeque restaurant and you have to walk past a dumpster to get there. :)

When people replicate "Memphis barbeque," they're replicating Rendezvous dry-rubbed barbeque.



Hot Mom - “The exotic loveliness of nostalgia” – that is beautiful. And to think it was inspired by snoots...
Caroline - Not wrong, you helped me clarify the Snoots of My Youth
Amy - Well, I only ate one bite. Gary ate a snoot, and the leftovers went to Manbitch, who ate two.
ajooja - Aha! Jenny at http://notinkansasanymoretoto.typepad.com/were_not_in_kansas_anymor/
...recommended that same place. I’ll go there next time I’m in Memphis!


Holy crap I wasn't really ready for those pictures, whence I come visit you to see who links with love. Now I need more wine, dammit.


jenny - is it red wine with pig nostrils, or white? I forget.

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