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July 23, 2007



Oh, I don't like the sound of this one bit.


I have a bag of old roy biscuits that Tessa won't eat. Where do I send them?


Then there is the old standby that brought me back from peritonitis -- FLOSSING.

Yeah, I know, but the Glide works even in tight teeth (and I shall only bore you with my in depth knowledge of this topic upon request. I wore orthodonitic braces for 7 years. Some things I just KNOW.)


Braun Water-Pik. Honestly.

Friend #3

The Chew-With-Your-Mouth-Open diet has to be infinitely more interesting than the Gulag Diet. I want a seat directly across the table from you two.


Oh, I don't like the sound of this one bit.


Hey, you know they make organic dog biscuits that are pretty much human food grade. Maybe he can get those. Or, like on that old SNL skit, he can get some Quarry cereal. That might help.


Nuts are not crunchy enough?

The offer still stands regarding the remaining half of the Pro Plan food that is no longer part of my dog's diet.


sgazzetti – I get it! “The sound,” like “crunch crunch crunch – ha!
Zayrina – My Mom’s eaten a dog biscuit before. True. Just for a laugh. Send them to her.
Sherri – You cannot imagine the devotion with which this man flosses. I don’t know why his gums have gone into a decline. Unless, of course, he hasn’t been breathing through his nose enough as he eats to keep that oxygen supply coming.
Becs – Oh, we had one of those. I would always put it down on the counter think it would shut off automatically, then it would flail around spraying water everywhere. Mom has it now.
Friend #3 – Actually, as of right now (11:18 the next day) he’s back on the gulag diet. Missed your chance.
sgazzetti – Ha! Even funnier the second time!.
Jenny – I remember that skit. The dog eats rocks. Gary went with fresh veggies, at least until 11:18 (one minute ago).
Caroline – Nuts do kind of give a little. But do you see squirrels with periodontal disease? No you don’t.

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