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July 18, 2007



I suppose the idea of eating regular food, but in smaller quantities and with a green salad and drinking a glass of water before meals never came up.

No, no. That would be far too simple for Gary and would involve no tortured or convoluted thought processes.

Sometimes, I really am glad not to be married anymore.


By the time I got to "we can't have frozen pizza but we can have delivery" I was cry-laughing so hard, someone rushed to my office to make sure I was okay.


So basically, you can get rid of your kitchen, because the stovetop, oven, and microwave would make it un-raw. Sounds like a mini-fridge in the corner of the living room is sufficient.

I think you should suggest the rainbow diet to him. One week of red foods. One week of orange foods (Hot Mom can help you plan the menu), one week of yellow foods, etc.


Rationalization is everything in dieting!


Dude, that's so my kind of diet.

We just go to the same Mexican restaurant almost every night. :)


I did the raw food thing for about a day.
I fell off the wagon HARD with some BBQ beef ribs. And some mashed potatoes. which were boiled. definetly not raw. raw is too hard.

I did the Raw thing for about two weeks. Very gassy. And I missed cooking. All raw people do is chop and blend and dehydrate. It's not very satisfying.

I did learn a lot about the movement though - and do you know, there actually is a community of people that eats only bananas.

Gary might get a kick out of Fit for Life, which my dad did for a few months. It's about when you eat what, and careful combining. Nothing but fruit before noon, then carbohydrates and vegetables till 4 pm and you can't eat carbohydrates and protein at the same meal...or something like that. My dad didn't last, but his boss got deathly skinny on it.


Becs – Oh, Gary’s not that bad. I was looking forward to it, because it would be a game. A game I could win.
Christy – Oh, sure, cry-laugh at my pain.
Caroline – My Mom pointed out to Michael D_____, college sweetheart, that all the foods he liked were brown or beige.
judibleu – You know of course chocolate is a protein because it was a bean, and beans have protein.
ajooja – yeah, so it’s all raw to you. Plus, there is salsa and that’s all legitimately raw.
melati – Mmmmmm. I’m having SNOOTS Saturday. Pork snoots, not beef snoots.
- Yeah, there’s all kinds of stuff about enzymes on wikipedia. I think one of my friends tried Fit for Life. Of course, since Gary has epilepsy he might be turned off by the name.


"...Fit for Life. Of course, since Gary has epilepsy he might be turned off by the name."

(*more cry-lauging*)

You have to stop doing this to me, Ellen, my co-workers are beginning to think I need to be institutionalized.


Credit where credit is due, my friend. I called you from the car in the rain to relay a commercial when I heard a restaurant advertising that they serve snoots. Of course, while I support your quest for snoots, I will NOT join you while you eat them. I just can't watch that.


Christy - epilepsy is a very serious disorder. You should be ashamed of laughing at Gary's pain. I think - Bwhwwahahahahaha! I can even type that with a staright face.
Caroline - Snoots are on for this weekend.

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