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August 29, 2007



You know the saying - that which doesn't kill you makes you stronger? Apparently doesn't apply to MS or its meds, does it? Ugh. I hear tequila can pink you back up faster than 911. I totally would pour a shot past your blue lips, just, you know, to help, AND be sympathetic to your story. Although, you kind of lost me at "extra-long uvula".

Friend #3

Actually, if it gets as bad as having to endure chemo as a means to control Primary Progressive, we'll take it on the road as a comedy act. I'll bring the Depends.


Damn, girl, you're making my giant-bee-sting site reactions to the Copaxone look good!

I'm totally one of the don't-call-911 club. They just haul you to the hospital and keep you uncomfortable for hours instead of the one hour of misery you'd have at home.

*hugs* I hope your doc tries the Rebif.


I can think of no one else who makes a "near death experience" sound so hilarious. I'm trying to be all serious, 'cause, well, you know, it IS serious...but damn! I can't stop giggling! Stop it. Stop. Now.

Free medicine does not make it work any better. :)

Hot Mom

I laughed. I tittered. I giggled. I may have even guffawed.

I don't belive I snorted.


Er, I'm with Marcia. She would rank as Friend #1 in my book, especially if she would go along to the ER and scream at people on my behalf. Especially when I'm turning blue.


This is one of those times when you're telling yourself, don't laugh, you'll rot in hell, and you just keep snorting to yourself. Sorry about the bad reaction, superglad you didn't die, super glad, your sense of humor is so similar to mine!


You make me sound so much more sympathetic than I was really being. Did I get the nice edit for sharing my story?


btw - someday can I be on your blogroll? Pretty please?


Jenny - You know what they say, "big uvula, big..."
Friend #3 - You do add the humor, my friend. By the way, we drank the beer and winecoolers from the picnic tonight, then we rinsed the cans and bottles and dried them in your recyclables drying station.
Jammies - Yeah, the Copaxone people felt so bad about it they sent me a day planner.
sue - The ironic thing is, when I first mentioned it to the Friends #1-3, I said it was depressing and not worth talking about. I didn't realize they would heckle me.
Hot Mom - I told Marcia you'd correct me.
Becs - Marcia's plan was to have the paramedics come by and give me a little oxygen in the comfort of my bed. She is deranged.
Angie - Rot in hell! Snorter.
Caroline - Oh, you mean the story when you were in the downward facing dog position in the shower simultaneously puking and peeing? No, I thought that might embarrass you.
sue - I swear I put you there! Like, a week ago. Anyway, I did it again. Now I don't have to go to favorites for you.



Friend #3

You guys drank alcohol? While I washed my dog's crappy ass then sat through a contentious, two-hour condo meeting? That is totally not fair.


I think I paid for that dayplanner--go to the June 2006 archive in my blog and look for "NastyGram Du Jour." I hate Teva NeuroScience with a passion.



Sue - sorry it was so belated: I thought I'd done it.
Friend #3 - Oh, we drank and we danced. DANCED.
Jammies - Hey! You were just at the ER! And I loved your rant against Teva. Yep, that is a pretty pricey dayplanner. They gave me another package today.

Friend #3

I hate you all.

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