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August 14, 2007



OMG! First laugh of the day, and it's a good one. And such a relief to know that I am not the only outwardly hard, snarky be-otch to be so completely gullible.



Awesome story. Reminds me of how I tried to have a similar convo with Ace and he was all, "Clown porn."

Which I assumed had to be a joke, except that he does ride that weirdly tall unicycle.


THAT.WAS.AWESOME. Seriously, that was excellent!

Friend #3

Now, I think it's apparent the origin of The Sheep Doctors[TM].


There is supposedly a really good documentary about beastiality that I just can't make myself watch, no matter good it's supposed to be. :)


Becs - Good! Next time you talk with Fireman Fred picture him boinking a sheep.
TasterSpoon - Maybe he IS into clown porn and was checking top see if you would laugh. Now he will have to repress his clown porn lusts forever.
Autumn - Let it be a warning to you Autumn, that men lie.
Friend #3 - Well, that doctor was pretty damn sexy.
ajooja - Haven't seen that one, but I saw some good ones on "sploshing" and people who are convinced they have too many arms and legs.


Point taken.


Can't stop laughing...


And now I can see why you married the smartass. :)


Autumn - But sometimes you can marry them and makes their lives hell.
sue - You are mean.
Jammies - Yes. So I can make his life hell.


Did I say I was laughing AT you? I mean... WITH you, yeah... that's it... WITH you... *snicker*


sue - I thought I'd Bloglined your blog but Id only bookmarked it. Just you wait until you do something stupid. Bwhahahah!


Hilarious. Seriously. I know I would totally fall for it, too, because I'm gullible.


Catherine - do you know the word "gullible" is not in the dictionary?

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