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September 10, 2007



What a sweet face. Thanks for the update!


You're just trying to make sure I'm reading all the way to the end, aren't you?

Vaguely Urban

Update AT the bottom? Or update ON "The Bottom."


Who would think we'd be so excited about POOP? ...yay!


Animal problems freak me out, so I'll just say "Ewwwwwwwwwwww!"

Thanks. :)

Friend #3

Ooooooooooooh! Hooz not a tewwowist? Hooz not a tewworwist? You not a tewwowist! No!

May Cassata grow old enough to be obstinate and spiteful, requiring her loving and ever-patient owner to diaper her ass everyday.


sue - She is a sweetie. Too sweet to be in an ICU with an ice pack on her anus.
Jenny - Ha! And did you see she's a cairn terrier, just like Toto?
Vaguely Urban - Ha!
sue - Well, soon she'll be home with Stacey the saint.
ajooja - Oh, then you'll love this: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070911/ap_on_sc/obit_alex_the_parrot;_ylt=AncNtJ8cq5_xe9EAvkyfkE934T0D
- a dead bird who prophesies his own death!
Friend #3 - Only the good die young, only the spiteful survive ass surgery, is that it?

Friend #3

And bladder surgery, although my geriatric canine seemed to adopt this spiteful attitude a few years ago.

He gets away with it because he's cute and lovable. The little bastard.

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