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September 05, 2007


Friend #3

Well, red is a good color for you. *smiles sweetly*


At least you were born with an asshole.


First off, if the pup didn't have an asshole does that mean it wasn't one of Michael Vick's dogs?... as in Asshole being the owner... ta dum dum. (Okay, that was bad... nevermind)

Second? When I sneeze, I do it in multiples that sound like I'm choking. When I first met Hubs he tried to pound the sneeze out of me thinking I was choking...um...no. Then, as years progressed and I started choking (on my own spit, thankyouverymuch) he would ignore me. Yeah, you guessed it. He thought I was sneezing.

I need to make signs - "sneezing" and "choking...help". :)


Friend #3 - It does even out my complexion.
Caroline - I will wake up an kiss my asshole hello.
Sue - Weird! My coughs usually sound like sneezes. And remember, the choking symbol is hands around the throat. And a blue face.


wow! poor puppy, poor Ellen!


Judith - yeah! wait - now I'm feeling uncomfortable. And the puppy goes into surgery Monday. More on the puppy then.

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