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September 13, 2007



You are speaking my language, you know. If we are doing the same study at my location, I could look it up.

Also, my institution has several ongoing MS trials, if you don't get into this one...


i work in pharma so if i can be of any help drop me a line. =)


It's the FTY720 fingolimod trial. My heart, blood pressure and lungs are all good, as is my liver.

FTY720 - cool name
Fingolimod - goofy name


Everything is totally crossed for ya, sweetie...


Think of it as 'Fingo al'mode" and it will be all better :D

If other possible treatments are not an option, and you are for it, then I say GO GO GO QUEENIE! Hey, you could do great on the treatment (which would be a kicker if you got the placebo -- yay for mind power!)

I think you should get a t-shirt printed that says "I'm Deciding the Future" or "I'm a Critical Statistic" or something like that.


Hey! On the bright side, point out to the Garoid that most of the experimental monkeys must have lived or they wouldn't be trying it out on humans.

Friend #3

I think it should be called the "Fingo Lickin' Good" trial. Just a suggestion.


C and snowy - Okay! I haven't heard back, but I'm giving them till Monday.
Sue - Don't cross your eyes, they might get stuck that way.
Sherri - "I'm a Guinea Pig for You!"
Zayrina - Oh, I already mentioned the 250 people who didn't die in the Phase 2 trial. He mentioned all the drugs that killed people after they were on the market. Bah. Mr. Sunshine.
Friend #3 (Formerly Heartless Cow #3) - Hm. It causes nausea. Perhaps not.


I agree with Sherri. Get a tshirt...tell the world you are helping us! :)

Supportive and Sensitive Cow #3

But it's catchy in its irony, no?


Autumn - I'm looking at this one:
S&S Cow#3 - hhhhmmmmmmmoookay.

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