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September 01, 2007



Get some "Grant's Ant Stakes". Put them around the perimeter of your yard. Stick a few in places like under the sink. We replace these every year or so and never have ant problems. When the ants start to show up we know it's time for new ones.

Or you could give them leftover prescription medication.


You could post the Copaxone reactions on YouTube.

When I had ant problems at an old apartment I sprayed Skin So Soft on the floor where they were coming in. It worked. I swear that stuff gets credit for doing everything.

Meriwether Lewis

Napalm. Great stuff, but leave the house first. Tell your neigbors to leave too.

Friend #3

Ooh! Animal Planet is showing "Ants! Nature's Secret Power" right now. Looks quite stimulating. :-)


Melissa - But... but I like to see the Ants, because it's so satisfying when I don't see them anymore. They eat, and eat, then suddenly no more ants...
Caroline - S-S-S must contain Borax. Mom just puts Borax down by they foundation to the house.
Meriwether - We used to use those fire-starters made of napalm. I wonder if they still have those.
Friend #3 - Ah, but MSNBC is showing "Dateline: To Catch an ID Thief," with a guy who doesn't recognize Chris Hansen and discusses "Dateline: To Catch a Predator" WITH Chris Hansen. Meta!

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