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September 11, 2007


Friend #3

Now, see, if Noah's Ark had only used the Butter People, your butter faux pas would not have caused the shutdown and ultimate razing of this once fine St. Charles landmark.

Any news on who gets the elephant?

Pssst... I know how to make their famous New England Clam Chowder. Heh.


Friend #3 - I deleted the sentence about the clam chowder recipe that begins with "start with a can of Campbells Clam Chowder."


Point taken.


The elephant was in the news last week. He's residing in the former owner's backyard. The woman who lives behind the former owner is asking the county to cite him for it because she's tired of seeing elephant ass out the window. Now, the county comes out and measures my grass on a regular basis because a neighbor calls every time we skip a week of mowing, but apparently there are no ass ordinances in the county code. At least that apply to animals.

I only ate at the Ark once. It was Father's Day. There was no butter on the floor.


In my younger days when I did a lot of partying, Noah's Ark was always the one place in St. Charles that I knew how to get to. If my friends wanted me to drive to St. Chuck to party with them, they'd give me directions to wherever they were by using Noah's Ark as my departure point.


Hmmm... our nearby town has a Noah's Ark. It, too, is fancy-smancy.

Friend #3

Caroline, can you blame me for wondering about this place now that I live here?

Personally, I think if this nonsense with your neighborhood continue, you should go to the city/county and present a case for malicious prosecution. This is harrassment, girlfriend.


Autumn - And don't you forget it! It will serve you well.
Caroline - Given that there was already a flap over the guy who had the Noah's Ark billboard engulfing his house I am not surprised.
KC - Yep, as a kid I always knew it would be a long trip when Noah's Ark was one of the landmarks.
Sue - Really? Does it even look like an ark like ours?
Friend #3 - I think the owner should go out to his yard and fashion elephant dung under the elephant ass to please his neighbor.


Actually, it does, but no animals outside. It has been in the same location since I can remember and I'm 50, so that's quite a long time. I remember my parents going there when they wanted a "special" night out... like thier anniversary or something.


Sue - That is cool! I wonder if they bought any of the animal dioramas from our Noah's Ark. And that giraffe must have gone somewhere.


Oh! My grandparents in Chicago had a splendid collection of swizzle sticks from establishments they patronized over the years (some grandparents collect matchbooks...) and my favorite of all was always the yellow plastic giraffe. I wonder if it was from here!




Click here:

Even though basically it is a can of potato soup and a can of chowder combined (that's what got me when I first saw the recipe).

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