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October 14, 2007



HA. I think my favorite part is the piece of chocolate with the bite taken out of it. I shall try this myself and take pictures for a future post.


I agree. Must have step one.


Catherine - If Julia Child can sample the wine, I can sample the chocolate.
Sue - yep. Otherwise, chocolate Ben and Jerrys with Kosher salt on top just seems gross too.


That should seem much more inadvisable than it does, which is all the more frightening since I'm on day 18.


Your Majesty, might I recommend chocolate-covered salt?


I'm going to try this as soon as I can keep the chocolate out of my mouth long enough to melt it.


Tracy27 - Well, that's pretty close to pre-menstrual...I say anything in the week before, during, or week after qualifies.
Jammies - I've just heard about that fleur-de-sel salt - it turns gray if its bruised? Or insulted in some way? That sounds like just the ticket.


This brings back memories...in college, we'd get good chocolate ice cream, let it melt slightly until just soft and then dig in using salty potato chips. It was sooooo good!


Oh, Pagey's comment just made me remember that dipping french fries into a Wendy's Frosty is delicious.


pageycooks - yes! That sounds great. I would crumble saltines on top of ice cream, but chips sounds better.
Tracy27 - ewwwww. My eggs must be snuggled in my ovary right now, because I just can't get into that. I don't know why that seems so wrong! But I'm sure I'll try it in 28 days, though.


I love the illustration of each step. Can't wait to try this but must have dark chocolate.


Elli - Hmmm. As long as everyone knows THIS is the classic grilled chocolate sandwich. Thanks for inviting me to the Sandwich Party!


Oh, when the date is right, do try the French fries & chocolate milkshake combo! It's got everything: hot and cold, crispy and creamy, sweet and salty. Heavenly.

Thanks for joining the Sandwich Party!

p.s.- Rest assured: Elli & I are two different people who share macbebekin... just to forestall your shuddering nightmares of one crazy blog-lady speaking in two voices lurking 'round your comments section.

Uh, that little image didn't help forestall hypothetical nightmares, did it? Oopsie.


Elsa / Ellie - I've already got Dee-Dee and Irma tag-teaming me, it's ok.

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