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November 03, 2007



I went car shopping today too. Hate it! Luckily the madre came up to help me out. Love the license plate! Oh, and I can't ask him out...he lives 3 hrs away. Boo!


Autumn - Boo indeed. Yep, I read about your mom, and I also read that Tracy 27 was considering a fit but wants an automatic.


Oh, please tell me the license plate is real...it's too good not to be.

And congratulations on little May-Ling.

Friend #3

That's why he bought it, isn't it? The stick-shift? Gawd... *face palm*


Becs - no, Gary vetoed C-ZURE, because he said "Seizure Fit" makes no sense. He wants EPLPTK.
Friend #3 - Okay I keep hearing "face palm" used. When I see you later you must face palm so I can see what it means.


The final exchange made me laugh out loud, also known as the LOL. Love the license plate.


Thanks. I made it with:

Amy in StL

A friend of mine bought the Honda Fit. I never get tired tell him "Your car is so small that...." jokes.


I've never heard of the Fit. I'll have to do some research. On the car, not the seizure.


Amy in StL - well, it's our big car now. Bigger in height than the Mini, and of course you can store your alpaca in it. see
KC - It's called the Jazz in other countries where they evidently have sense.

Hot Mom

Awwww. Good for him. That's the ultimate show of love for a man. You realize that, right?

The flight for survival turns to "Oh no, I'll just sever any chance of EVER reproducing my genetic code just for you! I loooovvvveee you."


Hot Mom - Yeah, the ultimate show lasted until the next morning with "Hey! I don't want someone messing with my junk! What if it doesn't work afterward?"

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