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November 04, 2007




That's about all I've got. Wow.


I smell a best seller in there someplace...


man, this is a great story. Drama! Intrigue! History! Suspense!

How does one claim child support for oneself when one is of retirement age? I mean at what point do you just say, "Whatever" and walk away? I guess I am not greedy enough. If somebody leaves me money, cool. But I'm not going to hire a lawyer to go after my cousin's second husband's estate. THEY NEVER GOT ME A WEDDING GIFT! I AM ENTITLED!!!



Jeez, just put a stripper and an alligator in there and you've got a Carl Hiassen novel....


ajooja - Yep. The In-laws. Who knew?
Sue - Hey, maybe Bec's friend Carl could write it!
Styro - I'm pretty sympathetic to ... I guess the 65 year old is Gary's cousin. And, really, if her father had paid the child support there probably wouldn't be an "estate." I don't think she's suing out of greed, I think its out of bitterness.
Becs - How about a stripping gator? And Burt Reynolds.


For truly no reason whatsoever, the talk of a book made me think of something I read several years ago. It was mediocre and had so many editing issues I almost marked it up in red ink before returning it to the library.

I have no idea why I thought of that here (maybe gators = Florida which is where this was set?), but I did, so here it is.



Caroline - Yes, we missed you too.

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