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January 02, 2008


Friend #3

Hmmm... Maybe for the next dose, he'll be dressed as a Chippendale dancer and strip for you. :-)


"My son, the Applebee's waiter."


Nice to see some things don't change... ;)


*note to self* Offer neurologist a two dollar tip next time and see if he takes it. ;)


Friend #3 - Ooo! That makes my head spin. I'm supposed to alert him if my head spins and I feel faint.
Becs - ennnhhhh - more like Panera Bread.
Sue - What, you were expecting humility in '08?
Jammies - I have my hostess bribery stash in case. I could go up to $20.


Only give him the $20 if he does the Chippendale thing.


Libby - (Hi!) Ooooh - I could tuck it into his smock.


Tip the cardiologist! Excellent idea! Do you think it would work well at the general practitioner's as well? Or is this just for specialists? Hmmmm...


Autumn - I must confess, I pay attention to the compliments I pay doctors and tip them that way. The old neurologist liked me to compliment his clothes, the GP tries to make me laugh. It's absurd, but it gives me a feeling of control.

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