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June 03, 2008



We have a butterfly house here at our botanical garden and they have windows where you can watch the butterfly hatch... never knew all that about the color-bleeding thing, tho'! Bizarre. Who knew there was so much to know about butterflies? I think that's really cool that you did that and got them to full term. Bravo!


Yikes!Drama plus.

Amy in StL

Ick, they poo rainbows? That's kind of poetic and gross all at once!


It's the menstruating thing that got me. Now that I haven't been doing it for, like, ten years, it seems unbelievably gross to me. Eww.


sue -I know! I was so afraid the runt would die. He finally left the house today. He didnt fly off, I just finally had to set the butterfly house outside and bring it back in later. I checked his/her color before I did it -it looked good, maybe his color stash was normal-size and he was small.
Judith - just wait. Next I might try mating them.
AmyinStL - they do crap sunshine and kittens and rainbows.
It made me wonder - the color was red, and these are brown and red Painted Lady butterflies. Do Monarchs bleed orange? Do somne bleed blue and yellow?

Im going to find out.

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