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August 25, 2008


Catherine the Red

You are right, I don't remember those things. I do remember the Shades of Graquel however and several other things. I'm so sorry to have brought up Sam, definitly not party conversation! I should not drink Sangria with apple brandy..at least not in such great quantities. I should not lose complete control like that, my apologies. I totally pickled myself. I was so hung over the next day. However, I had a great deal of fun (what I can remember) and it seems everyone else did too, so, good outcome. And, see how much more we now know about each other? Bonding.
And, I thought the gooey butter cake was awesome.


Ok, this is, hands down, the best post I've read ANYWHERE in a long time. It's a good thing no one is in my office yet because I literally laughed out loud for quite a bit when I read, "Really? She's white from the boobs down?" Does Gary even realize his sheer comic genius? It's probably better if he doesn't but WOW. That's quality.


1) Cat - see! Told you EPIC referred to "Shades of Gra...quel".
2) Dang, I feel like Stephanie should get another dollar since her stand up routine is still going!
3) Queen, don't worry...it takes one to know one as far those who outed you. Anyway, this just makes it OK for you to say things like "Green chick is hot." So it's more of a convenience factor.
4) Gra-quel had the best story of the night about her past dating history. She's my heroine.
5) New rule...anyone who takes my hair down MUST give me a head massage. Gold star Friend #3!


Sigh. I really MUST find some friends. Of course, they probably wouldn't be as fun as these ladies sound.

DeeDee and Irma

That buttercake looks mothereffing delicious. I bet it's even good with booze.


#3 does give the best massages.

I guarantee you all had more fun than I did. I had to make two 4 year old girls apologize to a crowd of people after they beat on a bush and out flew 20 pissed off wasps.


Don't worry, hopefully someday you'll be promoted to 3.75...just like I was! :) Every .25 counts. :)

Ready to borrow L-Word yet? I should have brought it with me...


Catherine the Red - Oh, I forgot to tell you about when you peed all over the couch. (Kidding!)
Autumn - (Whispers) He doesn't. Dont let him know.
.75 - "She's my heroine" - don't you mean "she's my crack" considering her last husband was a crackhead?
Shania - Graq'a having a pool party Saturday. I bet you'd be welcome to come.
Dee Dee and Irma - It didn;t really go with the Sangria, but thanks.
Caroline - It was the wasps' fault.
.75 - Hah! Worth a second comment!

#3 (since now I'm abbreviated)

Truly top notch GNO! And, Catherine, I have two mosquito bites, so your bug repellant doo-dad didn't work.

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