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August 17, 2008



Please, on my behalf, feel free to kick as much male ass as you possibly can. The closer to 25, the better. Kick hard.


you kicked butt in a mini? you are beyond cool.


It sounds like your stoplights aren't well timed.


That frozen custard is some serious stuff. If you start finding reasons you need to "just have a little more" make sure you find a support group.

Momento is one of the greatest movies EVER. I owe it. Damn, I want to watch it now.


Who is Carlos and where was Gary?

#3 (since now I'm abbreviated)

If you are now thinking of installing the hydraulics to allow you to make your mini bounce up and down at stop lights, particularly to challenge young men to drag race your Wii-wielding, spastic-coloned, middle-aged ass, it is now time for an intervention.


Becs - Well, it did feel good.
Magpie - I had the element of surprise.
Tasterspoon - Oh, well yeah. It's down by the railroad tracks. On the right side, of course.
Shania - I had a custard hangover today. OH! And get this - they dont make chocolate custard - they just mix syrup in with the regular custard. I FEEL BETRAYED.
"" - (Hi, ""!) You are completely unidentifiable. I even tried to read your comment backwards to find the answer. I think I'll call you Memento.
Caroline - See today's post. Gary was home.
3 - That was so beautiful I read it out loud to Gary.

0.75 - not blank

Sorry I blanked myself out. How foreboding...

Tracy Lynn

Dude, YOU JUST GOT OWNED BY YOUR MOM is my new favorite phrase, and I plan to yell it from my scooter at every opportunity.

Brilliant. Custard in my blood, indeed.


.75 - Spooky
Tracy Lynn (Hi, Tracy Lynn!) - Oh and you had me at "I'll Punch You In The Tits" I need to set aside some time to read you. And it's "You got owned?" Now I know.


I'm 42 and have Panic at the Disco on my iTunes. We're hip, baby. BTW, I'm over here from Dave's.


Karl (Hi, Karl!) - Did you notice all the PAtTheD songs sound the same? It's as if they planned for people to buy them off iTunes and not as an album. A CD, I mean...

Oh! And say hi to Dave for me!

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