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August 12, 2008



"So see, it does make you go blind."


I reread the "It's always fun" paragraph four times, and tried to memorize it, so I can have something to giggle over next time I need a laugh. But I'm not good at memorization any more. I'm going to transcribe it onto the back of my hand. With a laundry marker. Definite keeper.

#3 (since now I'm abbreviated)

I'd be willing to bet John Edwards' troubles began because Elizabeth sent Rielle Hunter over to him so he could check her out.

Gary's a good guy. Keep him.


Good grief, I didn't know you could stretch your EYE muscles. Maybe the doctor can give him some warm up stretches, like runners do. You know, for when he thinks he might be on a marathon 'checking out' session.


I need to hang out with you more! Send the chicks MY way!

I like that head turn and cough thing!
--taking notes--

Amy in StL

At least he's subtle. My boyfriend and his friends damn near hurt themselves straining to look at women. God forbid one runs by, it's a mass case of whiplash.


I can trump you in a pimping of the husbands contest. I created the term "boobdar" and make a not so subtle high pitched noise(Boobooobooobooobooboob) to alert Santa of something he ought to pay attention to.
His eyes just sparkle and he has deemed me the coolest wife on the planet. (It is strictly an all look and no touch or I will kill him deal.)

Oh yeah and he is blind in his left eye, but that was since age 3 when he got a case of histoplasmosis from exposure to chickens.

Hey, come to think of it, chickens do have big breasts....


I'm going to tell my wife about this post. That's the coolest thing I've heard in a long time. I'd love for my wife to send a hot babe over to talk to me.


David - But obviously, you can read, so it does not apply to you.
Silk - You need a tattoo.
3 - Nah, John Edwards just decided he was special. I dont know if Gary thinks he's special.
Shania - Marathon Checking OUt - like that cruise we went on 15 years ago with the Hooters Coinvention on board.
0.75 - I don't know your tastes, and besides, if you turn and stare at a nice butt, society thinks you are admiring her closthing. You can stare at will.
Amy in StL - I think Gary learned how to be subtle in his thrities.
Zayrina - Hey! My Dad had histoplasmosis! He dug in some dirt under a bird-beloved bush. And, Dad liked Playboy. I think there's some connection here.
Ajooja - You mean she doesn't? She can't possibly be jealous - you speak so well of her on your blog.


Don't know my taste? Wow, maybe I am more sly than I thought!


#0.75, would you stop looking at me like that? ;-)


.75 - Well, the only ones Ive seen are the Starbuck's baristas and that one girl. So you like brunettes?
Caroline - You know ... aside from #1 and 6, I think all my friends have brown hair. The other two are red-heads. No blond chicks.


Caroline - SORRY! --turning head and coughing--
Queen - brunettes are a good start. :)


What about Friend #... uh... #... well, the Mormon?

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