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September 13, 2008



Awww. Hopefully there wasn't anything you'll miss on your board. That's a bummer, but I guess you asked for it.

Overflowing Brain

That's hilarious. I mean, a little sad, but also, really really funny. Also, I kind of envy your cleaning service. The chair in my classroom has been broken for 2 years and if I sit down at all to one side, the whole top seat part falls off. Which is embarrassing and often rather uncomfortable.

It would be a great lapel badge too. I kind of want one.


At Unnamed Co., we've given up hope that the cleaning service will actually vacuum. One of the admins did a Bablefish translation of "Please vacuum this area". We are careful not to overuse it.

Er, with the next sticker, you might want to turn it face-down on the board. But if you're like me, then you'll never remember where it is and go around saying, what did I do with that damn basura thing?


Dumb ass.

Friend #8

SOOOOOoooooooooooooo still laughing!!!!


Erin - Thankfully, it was the ONLY thing on my board. Lucky it was on my desk.
Overflowing Brain - Or a t-shirt
Becs - Oh, sure, NOW you tell me.
Caroline - You have been spending so much time with HotMom you sound just like her.
Friend #8 - You sound like you.




Sue - Yes, laugh at my pain.

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