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October 29, 2008


Big Dot

HA HA! Thanks for the laugh. Good thing they were just a bit too big to stuff up his nostrils, or nobody would be eating them.


Gotta love Gary! These are blackmail pics....

These tiny bananas are not delicious. I too was mislead by their cuteness.


Hee! I love Gary.

And, now I have a sudden urge to make banana bread...


I did buy a baby cucumber. I'm hoping it doesn't taste like a pickle!


Earring bananas suit Gary. Sort of like the frill on one of those dancing lizards (Gilla monster?)


ha! I have purchased those before, and my kids loved them. For the record, they taste just like regular bananas, I think.


Mmmmm banana bread (wee banana bread?)

Friend #1

#0.75, baby cucumbers are so good! They are sweeter as compared to the larger, adult sized cucumbers. They are good with cream cheese smothered all over them.


Gary is awesome. I for one would like to see him hold them up to his face like eyebrows and a 'stache.


My grandson loves those little bananas. They're so cute. :)


Er, #1, anything is good with cream cheese slathered all over it. Maybe even beets.

Erin G.

They are cute....but they kinda look like chubby little fingers. I don't know if I could get on board with the actual consumption of wee bananas!


These pictures make me want to give Gary a hug. He just looks so joyful. Bonus points for the S&D shirt.


Big Dot - How could I miss that? I am clearly not a photographer.
Abby - Neh - he puts underwear on his head whenever he gets a chance.
"" ("?") - Well, Gary's response was to spit it out and gag "Gah! I feel like I just ate a banana turd."
Mary - I had that urge too.
.75 - Even Gary with his delicate tastes loves the baby cuc.
Sherri - They are fetching!
Jenny - Well, I thought so too. I didn't gag at all, not like Gary.
Jhianna - Wee banana bread. Wouldn't each of these be half a 'naner? In those tea loaf pans.
Friend #1 - But the skins are tougher, that's what I dont like.
Catherine - Yes! I read him your comment and he almost got up and posed right then.
Ajooja - When you see him, does it look to scale? Is there a photo of him in a tiny car eating a tiny banana?
Becs - No beets. I've never even tried beets. And I've tried brains.
Erin G - I seems they they could make a wee banana split, too. That would be cute. Could you eat that?


Friend #1 and Queen - Thanks for the encouragement. The whole cream cheese thing sounds delicious. Friend #1 DOES always have good food at her house!!!


.75 - Yes, she does!


ERIN! - This is what happens when you comment while I'm typing my comment. I was wondering if anyone would spot the shirt!

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