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November 02, 2008



I would totally take pictures in front of the Gateway Drug Store. It's really disappointing that it doesn't exist.


I hunted, and the only place that has a Gateway Drug Store is the Sims online community.


My office is all about the proselytizing. Last winter, my boss bought 01.20.09 buttons and handed them out across the board.

That said, how about this: http://signs.cafepress.com/item/geezerdingbat-yard-sign/308173853

Big Dot

Awww, I want to live in the US so I can have that sign on my lawn... Awesome!

Amy in StL

No suggestions here. As a gov't drone, we're also on political statement lockdown.


how about the naked photo?


What are the tax cut calculations in comparison to?


Magpie -Is there a "Cool Black Dude / Catholic" sign?
Big Dot - Ha! This is so sad. I don't have any idea who runs NZ. I'm sorry.
Amy in StL - This isnt a policy thing - evidently someone complained. Not specifically about me.
Keri - No! TeddyJ just had us take a whole 4 hour long sexual harassment elearning program. No way. It has helped me clarify why my inappropriate comments are inappropriate.
Caroline - Sigh, I don't know, Caroline. You could put Sarah Palin on the democratic ticket and I'd vote for her.

Big Dot

That'a all right, why should you? It's normal for us to be below the rest of the world's radar. I'm just happy that you know we exist and that we're not part of Australia.

We've had three terms of Labour, led by our first woman Prime Minister, the unfair in every sense Helen with the teeth that launched a thousand quips (seriously, Nanny McPhee). I've had enough of her, I'm over the woman thing and I want grey John of National to win this time.

Our election's on Saturday but it's going to be totally overwhelmed by the aftermath of yours. EVERYBODY'S watching what you guys do.


Big Dot - I hope we do the right thing. My state, Missouri, is yet to be counted.

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