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December 29, 2008


Mrs. Hall

rock on there!

um. why do you have so many prints?

ah, doesn't matter I suppose, the quirky people are the most fun.

btw-very nice having a wikipedia donate button on the side there


Mrs. Hall


Jeez. And I thought I was going overboard with the great big pseudo-painting from IKEA over my tiny little loveseat in the living room. Girl, you are rocking the frame industry.


I'm only in a 1000 square foot house, so most of my prints and paintings and photos are still in storage. Also, I put framed stuff on bookshelves and on top of them.

In the current room (living/dining) -- 12 prints, and about 24 photographs. The walls are beige in this house. I'm doing all I can to cover that.


Gary said "Dude"!

Hot Mom

Awwww. You posted a picture of my uterus! I feel so honored.


Mrs. Hall - Oh, I was the last customer at a frame and print store that went out of business.
Becs - I have cornered the market on frames.
Sherri - No! Nothing can go on top of shelves. It interrupts the flow of the chi or some such fung shui thing.
.75 - He always says "Dude." Only, if I say "Dude" first he says "Dudette."
Hot Mom - I always think of that as a picture of your twins with your uterus as backdrop.


Uterus twins picture? What?


I love and adore your bathroom medical pictures. You rule!


.75 - Yeah. It's the long thin B&W ultrasound of the twins by the mirror.
ScottieDawg - I think my friends rule for letting people view their intestines and esophaguses.

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