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January 09, 2009



There is no way I'd send my 10 and 12 YO kids off to walk 10 miles through the snow.


He's a man who likes to be...nay needs to be right. You have to admire that kind of determination.


"...come after me so he could argue some more." Yeah, giggle, I can see that clearly! He'll come back every time he thinks of a new point of argument.

I suspect kids named Sage and Bear have pretty much been expected all along to be self-sufficient.

Amy in StL

Obviously you've never lived where it's really cold. Kids where it's below zero don't stay out for three hours. They also don't go outside in pajama pants to play in the snow. From living where it gets that cold and snowy, I also know that you can't follow the highway. I once only stayed on the road because I could follow the fence line to the main highway. I couldn't see the road, and the fence later turned out to be one of those tall ones, not a short backyard type that I thought it was. There was that much snow.


Gary was an Eagle Scout?? I had no idea! That's so cool!

Big Dot

So, did he get another badge for that? Or did he have some ceremoniously ripped from his sleeve?


BTW, regarding children/snow/10-mile-hike, I would have visited you in prison. Probably to ask, "WTF were you thinking?"


Melissa - Well, I wouldn't do it now, not since this case has gotten so much publicity...
Candy - Aint no mountain high enough, aint no valley low, to keep him away from you, if you are wrong.
~~Silk - I saw the photos - Sage and Bear look to me like there are in their early 20s.
Amy in StL - Well, okay. She had on pajama pants? That was stupid.
3 - Nope, he was conned by Eagle Scouts. He was not prepared.
Big Dot - Well, I think that might have been the year he had his name engraved on the trumpet because he was the camp trumpter. He's still beating himself up for it.
3 - These children were well-insulated like eskimos.


Boy Scout camp with the name BAR-F in it? That is too funny and also why I was afraid of camp.


gaoo - Ha! I'll have to ask Gary if anyone noticed that and called it S- barf.

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