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March 22, 2009



Sounds like a lovely evening. I suppose this far overshadowed the Reuben sandwiches and kugel at the deli Friday.

Happy Birthday, Gary!


3 - Not at ALL, since Gary on the drive home kept talking about how he liked that Reuben more then his mother's. Just the right amoutn of 1000 Island dressing, it seems.


Wonderful restaurant. Probably because of the wonderful company. Spent a lot of money because we got the 4 course sampling. BTW, you're not supposed to drink out of the little sampler containers even tho they are so adorable.

Big Dot

How does poor Brittany manage to carry loaded plates with an artificial arm?


.75 - I loved it. I think Cathrine had said another place had supplanted it in her heart.
Big Dot - It's a bionic arm. We have those. Don't you have those in NZ?


Queen - Would love to know what that other restaurant is. Acero will definitely hold a special place in my heart for a long time.


.75 - Dunno! I'll ask Catherine.


I have a real problem with the eggless egg custard. I mean...what?

Oh - Panera classifies your site as porn. ha.

Joie at Canned Laughter

I'm going to be googling Panna Cotta all day now. Wonderful pics.


Becs - It IS Porn. Toe porn. Why do you think I invited Spunky to dine?
Joie at Canned Laughter - The only thing is, once you know what's in it you think, "Yeah, creamy jello."


Queen - Can I feed your toe some cheese?


.75 - Ew. Toe cheese sounds nasty.

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