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August 16, 2009



I beg of you - do NOT bring those pictures to our next lunch! A discussion is one thing. Visual aids are quite another.


Grade 2 tumor? Please to make doctor explain!

Big Dot

Yes, muttering about tumours and precribing ointment makes no sense at all. Did he say maybe "Another Grade Two pseudo doctor worrying about tumours"? Because really, ointment? Suggests fungus to me.

And isn't 'bumpy twisted purple, dark purple, indigo' the norm? Or should I be worried too?

Hey, well done with the camera - though that's a little mental-image scenario it's going to be hard to forget.


How can he mumble shite about a tumor and then just give you goo?


Hm. Maybe Gary GAVE you the fungus. I mean, not that you couldn't have a secret life with all sorts of sordid adventures, but really, who else besides the two of you and the occasional glove-wearing doctor goes there?

I'm having an evil mental image of you telling Gary that and him pouring hydrogen peroxide on his crotch. I'm twisted, I admit it.


...was afraid to keep scrolling down for fear of pictures. A shoutout to Gary, though, for knowing the word Labia.
Please keep us, um, posted. You know how we worry.


Caroline - it is killing me not to show you the blow up of the pencil-stab hole.
Becs -grade 2 tumors look the same to the naked eye as regular cells. So maybe it was a compliment.
Big Dot - Yes, it sounds like fungus is among us again. And thank you for making me feel normal, at least my multi-colored vulva.
magpie - But, he didn't say tumor TO ME. And He did notice something he thought might be a gland. I don't know. He's makign a lot of progress ruling things out.
Sherri - Well, I dont know what the dog does when I'm asleep, but yes, it's down to the two of us. He didn't even sweat when I told him I was tested for STDs last month.
Gaoo - Well, just wait 28 days, and then worry. Nothing will happen till then.


Dude...like wow. I should probably have read this post before the coping one. Damn.

This is the thing about stuff going wrong in the crotch. Doctors always want to wait a month and see what happens. Me no likey.


Candy - I know. But I do like this salve thing he has me on. It feels ... good. I can apply this for a month.


It may be killing you not to show me, but I will kill you if you do show me.


Caroline - what about a line drawing?

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