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October 18, 2009



You just make me laugh with your particular sense of humor! But then I feel guilty.


Hattie - You were laughing at my crotch. It's okay. I don't mind. especially now that mine is (temporarily) perfect. Don't be fooled by the crotch that I got.

Mrs. Hall

I'm glad to here your better and such. Glad about the labia too. I was thinking the next step would be some sort of labiaplasty (like removing a part of it or something). All the porn stars are doing it these days ;)

And yeah, I do the weight watchers cause i'm all prone to bouts of eating an entire bag of mini snickers.

here's to good health ;)


I am so glad you are feeling better. Sounds like your med's are kicking some major ass.

Whoo Hoo!

Sorry that Gary is the control but srsly, if I had to pick one.... yeah.


Well now we're gonna need to know exactly where your labia have been. So as to avoid having our crotches near there, ya know.


I don't actually remember asking about your labia, but I'm happy for them.


Mrs Hall - Well, that's to make their labias prettier. Mine is very pretty. Usually. when it isn;t infected by the mystery virus. The cream is prescribed for yeast infections, but he ruled out yeast infection, so I still dont know what was kicking my labia.
Surprising Woman - Especially the tessalon pills that numb the lungs. I might be addicted.
Shania - Gary is seriously blaming the little metal vibrator. because stainless steel, thats just a freindly Chinese microbe enviornment.
Caroline - I knew you would be.


Ah Tessalon Pearls. I know them well. Glad you have some good drugs. Glad you are feeling better.

On the other post, I had no idea your husband was such a rooster. He is quite the scrappy thing, isn't he. That's kind of cute!


Surprising Woman - He is a rooster! Exactly! Only Gary only struts, he never ever attacks. Makes me think of David Sedaris' monologues about his brother the Rooster.

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