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February 11, 2010



Glad to know there is someone as addicted to such random flights of "I must go" as me, hahaha! Only with me, it's for GBS concerts...

Hope your Wanderlust finds fruitful satisfaction soon.


Now if it was Montreal, I could understand... And for GBS? Just about anything on the east coast of the US.

When you wander, must you wander alone? Just asking.

PS - If you want to wander eastward, I would love to have you as a guest (if you could stand it). Only an hour's train ride from NYC...


You are of course also welcome to our humble home in Hawaii.


Mare- Right now I'm thinking, "I have president's day off. I could run to Chicago and back and no one would ever know. I think Eric Clapton's in Chicago."
Becs - No, I dont have to wander alone, and I could even meet you in Boston. Or in Chicago, because I'm kind of leaning toward going to BlogHer. Not sure.
Hattie - Wow! Okay, Gary could never be with me, because he hates the idea even of a B&B. "It's someone's home? I can't."


Boston is, like, so do-able for me. Chicago brings me perilously close to Emma. Gah.


Becs- Hm! Plus,I'm playing with the idea of BlogHer in NY, maybe. Just for the free diapers.

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